About us

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Built specifically for the life science sector

The Life Science Newswire was developed in 2019 by the team at BioStrata, a specialist life science marketing, PR and communications agency.

Pulling on the company’s sector-specific public relations expertise, our established media relationships and comprehensive editorial contact database, the Life Science Newswire provides incredible value and exceptional results.

The service was designed to enable small and large companies alike to access a targeted yet affordable pay-as-you-go service to fit a number of budgets and newsflow levels.

Spread your news far and wide in 3 simple steps

Book your send
Fill in our simple booking form and send us your press release as a Word document.
Sit back whilst we distribute
Next, we distribute your release to our life science media database (we'll send it twice to maximise media uptake).
Receive your results report
Around a week after your send date, we'll share a report about the results we've generated.

Who are we relevant for?

In short, any organisation wanting to send out life science press releases and generate coverage across the life science trade and business media.
If you're a start-up with a smaller public relations budget, the Life Science Newswire gives you a cost-effective way to start getting media coverage right away. If you're a larger organisation, you may be looking for a sector specialist to complement your existing corporate or investor relations activities. Regardless, you can use our specialist service, without needing to commit to long term contracts or large PR programs. 
Life Science Newswire is already the press release distribution service of choice for many of your peers and competitors. Isn't it time you joined them?

Meet our expert team

Dr Clare Russell
Clare is the original developer of the Life Science Newswire, and co-founder of BioStrata.
Media and Client Services Manager
Nicole Cox
Nicole is a media distribution expert and the main point of contact for Life Science Newswire's customers.
Lauren B
Senior Marketing Manager
Lauren Barham
Lauren helps drive marketing and sales for Life Science Newswire.